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Oil & Gas Trading

Known for its abundance and quality, the Middle East possesses one of the richest natural oil reserves on the planet.  Combining access to this incredible store of resources, Petro-BAAB, Inc. has forged relationships with oil, gas, and oil byproduct producers in Russia.  With access to a full portfolio of refined fuel products (including jet fuel, diesel, and fuel oil), crude oil, petroleum based lubricants, Petro-BAAB, Inc. is your only choice for easy and successful entry in one of the world’s most lucrative markets.

Oil Spill Clean-Up Services

Petro-BAAB Inc. can also assist with solutions for eliminating hydrocarbon contamination. Environmental regulations concerning disposal of contaminated waste is expensive, time intensive, and not completely effective. HARDOIL can remove spills thoroughly and safely and can also be administered to prevent accidents from occurring.


Operating a company that produces hazardous hydrocarbons presents unique challenges and immense opportunities.  Petro-BAAB, Inc. offers unique and valuable insight into the concerns facing your company. Contact us today to see how Petro-BAAB's vision can help your company.